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Registration for Summer Camp 2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

We are so excited to announce enrollment for day camp this summer! Time outside in the fresh air is our specialty. Register now on the Parent Dashboard.

We will continue our strict COVID-19 protocol that has allowed us to operate safely in limited numbers since mid-June of last year. Air quality was improved at camp and on buses for any time we can't be outside. The buses have been equipped with medical grade HEPA air filtration rated the same as N95 masks, with 360-degree full air changes within the bus every 7 minutes.

Our nature excursions have been selected at places where contact with others can be safely avoided. We look forward to our field trip camp basics of hiking, beachfront lake swimming, zip lining, canoeing/kayaking, and more. All field trip destinations and adventure outfitters must meet appropriate standards for protocol.

You can find more detail about all our policies, including our ongoing outdoor focus, small group numbers, mask wearing, physical distancing, health screening, and supervised health precautions, in our Parent Field Guide.

Some activities and destinations have been excluded from our summer itinerary. These include caving, indoor locations, and outdoor locations with larger, concentrated numbers. Here's an overview of the schedule for our 12th summer season, with some key highlights:

Private summer camp sessions. New this year is the option to book a private field trip bus for up to 12 with your campers' friends or neighbors, or any small group.

  • It's priced at the cost of 12 registrations (the maximum number of attendees with a $20 discount each) and includes 2 camp educators, including your own certified Wilderness Lifeguard. Additional staff would be included for canoeing/kayaking.

  • Participating families will select destinations and activities in a virtual custom consultation.

  • Residential transportation with pickup and drop-off may be arranged at up to 2-3 locations per day.

  • The single payment must be paid in full by check or credit card within 14 days of the booking request to reserve the week. Only one rental is available per week.

Session themes. General session information is available on the Parent Dashboard Enrollment page and on the Summer page of the website.

  • All age groups can attend separate themed sessions of Land Explorers and Water Explorers.

  • Campers aged 5-11 will also have options for Wildlife Explorers and Nature Photography field trips. This wider age range is great for family flexibility with different sibling ages, or for those who prefer the alternate themes and activities.

  • Ages 9 and up will also have options for Adventure Seekers and Wilderness Explorers field trips, with higher adventure and advanced outdoor skills.

  • Nature Camp, which is held on site for ages 5-11, has four unique sessions. Each week includes small group playground time, nature art and crafts; wildlife studies with animal interactions; plant explorations with gardening and time with the chickens; hands-on environmental science; and active movement, including nature yoga or games. Special themes are Biologists, Geologists, Ecologists, and Zoologists.

​Session core activities.

We have a fun summer of adventure planned! The itinerary is subject to change. In the event an activity is canceled, we always attempt to adjust the schedule to preserve as much of the plan as possible. During the camp session, severe weather could impact the schedule without prior notice. This is not a complete overview of daily adventure, but shows the main events.

  • Land Explorers Ages 5-8. Weeks of May 31 and June 28. Hiking (Clinton Nature Preserve, Sope Creek, + Etowah Indian Mounds for June week), Beachfront swimming, Mining at Hogg Mine, Callaway Gardens

  • Land Explorers Ages 5-11. Weeks of May 31 and June 28. Hiking (Arabia Mountain, Clinton Nature Preserve), Beachfront swimming, Zip lining, Callaway Gardens

  • Land Explorers Ages 9-12. Weeks of May 31 and June 28. Hiking (Cochran Shoals, Hunter Memorial Park), Beachfront swimming, Kayaking/canoeing, Zip lining

  • Water Explorers Ages 5-8. Weeks of June 7 and July 12. Hiking (Cochran Shoals, Red Top Mountain, Sweetwater Creek), Beachfront swimming, Stream ecology, Callaway Gardens

  • Water Explorers Ages 5-11. Weeks of June 7 and July 12. Hiking (Cochran Shoals, Tallulah Gorge), Beachfront swimming, Stream ecology, Kayaking/canoeing, Callaway Gardens

  • Water Explorers Ages 9-12. Weeks of June 7 and July 12. Hiking (Cherokee Bluffs, Anna Ruby Falls), Beachfront swimming, Disc golf, Kayaking/canoeing, Tubing, Whitewater rafting

  • Wildlife Explorers Ages 5-11. Weeks of June 14 and July 19. Private tours at Wild Animal Safari and North Georgia Zoo, Hiking (Dauset Trails, Vickery Falls), Beachfront swimming, Callaway Gardens

  • Nature Photography Ages 5-11. Weeks of June 21 and July 26. Personal digital cameras provided. Includes digital files and favorite two 8x10 prints. Hiking (Georgia State Botanical Garden, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Sweetwater Creek, Red Top Mountain), Beachfront swimming, Callaway Gardens

  • Adventure Seekers Ages 9-12. Weeks of June 14 and July 19. Hiking (Sawnee Mountain, Tallulah Gorge), Kayaking/canoeing, Ziplining, Callaway Gardens

  • Wilderness Explorers Ages 9-12. Weeks of June 21 and July 26. Hiking (Raven Cliff Falls, Bowmans Island, Kayaking/canoeing, Wilderness survival skills, Expert programming at Medicine Bow.

Cost. Prices did not increase for 2021. On site camp costs $340 per week ($20 discount for 2nd and more sessions in the same checkout) and field trip camp costs $495 per week ($30 discount for 2nd and more sessions in the same checkout).

Contact us with any questions at, and we hope to see you this summer.

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