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Waitlist Info


What is the waitlist for full-day camps?

Due to the small size of camp and the popularity of our summer camp and school break sessions, many weeks fill quickly with a maximum capacity of only 21 campers. You have the option to register for the waitlist in case a spot opens due to a cancellation of an enrolled camper. 

Is my camper on the waitlist?

If you successfully submitted the enrollment request, you will receive an automated email, in which any waitlisted session is noted under a waitlisted header. Waitlisted sessions also are noted in italics next to the session title on the Enrollment page, prior to registration. Available spots are registered in the next 24-48 hours. Enrolled campers are charged for the session and emailed registration confirmation with more program information at that time. If your camper is next in line for a spot that opens, you would be contacted via email.

When will a spot become available?

It is not predictable to know if a spot will open, because a current camper would have to cancel the registration. Early changes are occasionally made, but last-minute openings with quick turnarounds are more common. Spots are offered sequentially in order of the waitlist if more than a week prior to the session, or all at once to the first acceptance if less than one week in advance. The placement on the waitlist is not an indicator of likelihood. We have had campers on the first spot of a summer camp waitlist for months and not one spot has opened, and we've had campers 10th on the list get offered a spot several weeks before a session due to previous campers declining. There is no obligation to accept a future spot and nothing is charged.



What is the waitlist for after-school camp?

We accept rolling enrollment year-round based on availability. This is determined by the maximum capacity for each school transportation route. When registering for After-School Camp, select the intended start date. You will be contacted if there is an opening at your camper's school for your selected days.

When will a spot become available?

The camper's school and selected days of attendance are the primary factors for availability. A few spots usually open throughout the year as campers make enrollment adjustments. The next camper on the waitlist with those enrollment criteria will be offered the spot. If you selected your days of attendance as flexible, you could be contacted sooner. For new school years, current campers and siblings enroll in the spring. Usually, the number of rising sixth graders is greater than the number of incoming Kindergarten siblings, so there is new annual availability that is opened to the waitlist.

What about the waitlist for future years?

Official enrollment requests are new for each school year, opening in the spring; however, prior year waitlists have the option to carry over each year and maintain the original placement. To join early, enroll for the current year program waitlist. Nothing is charged unless a spot is offered and accepted in the future. When registration for the next school year opens, waitlist families are contacted to update information and add the new option, and the waitlist order is maintained.

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